One of the most important aspects of your marketing that you must get right is the articulation of your position and brand. How does your customer benefit from your product or service? How do you solve their strategic pain, their financial pain, their personal pain?

Powerful brands are relevant, above all, and relevant brands outperform. Relevant brands are more personal, more intelligent, more effective at connecting with people in a fundamentally powerful way. This is every bit as true for a specialized manufacturing company as it is for a retail bank or professional services firm. Being relevant over time requires intense focus, an ear to the ground and a willingness to not just engage with your customers and prospects but an almost obsessive willingness to listen.

The credit union’s assets have grown more than 30% and membership by 45% since the launch of their new brand.

Developing a powerful brand drives growth and can transform entire organizations.

A brand, clearly articulated and designed, can galvanize people, both employees and customers, around a common purpose, but that only happens when the message from the company aligns seamlessly with the needs and the experiences of the customer.

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