Every business exists to make money. We do it by solving complex sales & marketing problems. For more than two decades and for hundreds of clients, we’ve applied the science of behavioral psychology and the art of design to help our clients align their sales and marketing efforts around the customer — all to sell more.

But we measure our business by more than our ability to make money. Three questions lie at the heart of our purpose:

  • Are we enriching the lives of our clients?
  • Are we enriching the lives of our people?
  • Are we enriching the lives of the people in our community?

What’s the point of making money, after all, if we don’t also make people’s lives better? That’s our purpose.

That’s why our business exists. Ambitious? Certainly. But it’s about helping our clients build businesses that last. When our work is effective and our clients are successful, that does more than build wealth for the owners. It creates opportunities within their organizations and within the community for people to pursue their own dreams. That’s the point — when we succeed, we all succeed.

Meet the Team

  • Sean Doyle

    Sean Doyle

    Co-Founder, Principal, Director of Strategy

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  • Anna Svarney

    Anna Svarney

    Strategist / Director of Client Services

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  • Mac Logue

    Mac Logue

    Writer / Creative Director

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  • Will Riley

    Will Riley

    Director of Revenue Operations

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  • Tina Willis

    Tina Willis

    Account Executive

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  • Kinsley Foster

    Kinsley Foster

    Account Executive

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