When sales and marketing operate in complete alignment, they have the proven power to create extraordinary products, services and customer experiences.

Smart executives look to sales and marketing to be a major driver for most, if not all, of a company’s revenue and growth agenda because it is a lever that is rarely effectively pulled. Delivering on the promise of sales and marketing, though, requires new ways of operating. For too many companies, the two functions live independently, with separate, if not conflicting, goals.

We’ve designed our advisory services to help unify your team around the needs of your customer, to make even the most ambitious goals attainable.

FitzMartin’s advisory business is deeply experienced and structured with focus around these two categories of clients:

Industrial & Manufacturing

  • Business-to-Business
  • Oil & Gas
  • Occupational Health
  • Contract Furnishings

Financial Services

  • Banking
  • Capital Markets
  • Insurance

This focus enables us to provide clients with high-value expertise and insights from industry experts and professionals with specific market knowledge. Do we work in other spaces? Sure. Typically, though, our clients always work inside highly considered, complicated-buy-cycle situations.


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