While every client is looking for immediate results, our clients are also looking for long-term, sustainable growth; for competitive advantages; for a stronger position and clarity in their message.

Most things worth having are worth doing well. Craft-first campaigns have a large share of mind in most business leaders’ lives. Craft is essential, but craft alone is not sufficient. SalesFirst campaigns value craft that is focused on driving sales. That does not mean SalesFirst puts less emphasis on great writing and exceptional design. It does mean that SalesFirst campaigns are built on a foundation of deeper thinking than traditional advertising campaigns. This is an essential shift for leaders desiring P&L-level impact.

Now, that said, you can’t sacrifice speed and specificity; long-term value creation can’t be done in a compressed timeframe. While speed-to-market efforts get our clients started, the transition to sustainable, ongoing, long-term value creation is the second step of our methodology. It is holistic, driven by research and insights. It is accountable, driven by a roadmap. It is measurable, driven by a cadence in its implementation.

We approach long-term value creation in 5 ways:

Revenue Operations

Early-stage sales investments: Revenue Operations focuses on the efficient and effective use of marketing in early-stage prospect development, allowing sales to engage its time with late-stage, highly-likely-to-close prospects.

Late-stage sales investments: Revenue Operations specializes in late-stage sales support through behavioral science-based diagnostics.

Organization and operations marketing department consulting

We help with the management of your marketing teams. We will help build a new group or evaluate and redevelop the existing team. We are experts in taking a cost-based marketing department and moving it into an effective sales-support team. What we are not: Sales coaches or compensation-design experts.

SG&A reduction and budget consulting

We get it. SG&A is a major non-production or non-service delivery cost presented in your income statement. We have to help in that pursuit. We can offer several initiatives that focus on lowering the cost of sales and alternatively increasing the LTV (lifetime value) of customers, in order to yield more EBITDA for client shareholders. We want that pursuit to be a success.

Sales and marketing technology advisory and implementation

Typically, we also focus on sales and marketing technology, support and then focused positioning and finally the elimination of poorly yielding sales and marketing investment through closed-loop dashboards.

Value creation planning

Value creation planning considers the leadership of innovation programs and leveraging value-based price models where typical B2B companies rest on inputs-based pricing and selling, leaving considerable value on the table. The result of our planning efforts are Road Maps: online tools, strategic plans, execution plans, objective scorecards and measurement models/dashboards.

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Every client wants sustainable success. We get that. But sustainable success takes time. It takes the constant application of thought and discipline. We can help you get there. We can definitely help you get there. Let’s talk.

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