Consider this: There are now more than 8,000 unique sales & marketing focused tech products in the Marketing Technology Landscape, and that is after more than 600 products disappeared through acquisition and attrition in 2019.

Many companies when challenged by disruption and sales under pressure look to technology to solve their most pressing problems. But technology alone is no panacea. Technology alone is a race car with no driver.

Far more critical is the need to help sales and marketing find a way to work together with common purpose, to execute on the vision set forth by leadership. This alignment, enabled by technology, can be transformative.

The rapid pace of technological change occurring just within the marketing space today is mind-numbing; but the results that the right technology can produce when paired with powerful processes and a team aligned around the needs of the prospect, well, that’s how you produce sustainable results year over year.

Optimize what you have and then build on it.

Often our first steps with new clients are based on improving the efficiency of their technology rather than developing entirely new models of marketing or new product-service offerings.

FitzMartin’s advisors continue to be a key component in helping firms navigate this evolving business landscape. Even though the sales & marketing tech industry has reached a point of high saturation, new products, new advances, new innovations continue to roll out. Most of our clients find real value in having a third-party perspective with experience in multiple industries to ensure that their tech stack is appropriate for their goals.


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Sales and marketing technology, when aligned with your people and processes, is often the final piece that drives your entire organization forward. But only if you choose and implement the technology that fits your organization. We can help. Let’s talk.

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