See if this sounds familiar. You’ve owned your business for years, and you are frustrated with the results. You have a good product/service offering. You have a sales team, and marketing is helping . . . you’ve even invested in an agency. But your results are still sluggish; something’s not quite right, and there are seemingly insurmountable barriers to ROI.

Even as we work on the long-term health of your business, we will focus considered effort on producing short-term gains in sales by:


  • Developing strategic Sales & Marketing “to market” blueprints for high-value ROI through the Value Triad and Sales Barrier Audit.
  • Sales & Marketing workshops to align sales and marketing in the context of strategic priorities.
  • Directing focused Sales & Marketing initiatives. We call this Smart Pursuits™, and it incorporates our research and insights model to pinpoint the biggest bets for growth and to align scarce resources to those efforts.
  • Speed to Initial Sales Improvement – FitzMartinBy identifying which services/products are the highest value; which are the most profitable – or have the potential to be.
  • By establishing which markets are growing; which markets, client segments or individual client accounts have the most LTV potential.
  • By identifying the biggest barriers to growth – either generating or converting demand that sales and marketing can unlock.

Included in the Smart Pursuits™ process, we use customer interviews (R&I), pain mapping, and Value Triad tools to build, jointly, a sales proposition that brings together newly combined businesses to successfully cross/up-sell to new clients/markets.

MarTech Eval™: We will evaluate your current tech stack and make recommendations for the appropriate technology. We will put critical emphasis on closed-loop systems with strong attribution functions.

Download our Sales Barrier Analysis worksheet to find your gaps and barriers

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You have both short- and long-term goals. We get that. Long-term profitability is often not possible without short-term growth in cash flow. We can help with both. Let’s talk.

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