At FitzMartin, we love what we do. We love the people we serve. We love the inherent nature of collaboration in our work. We take our business seriously, but work is not our obsession. We also love to have fun and most importantly, we love it when our clients thrive.

To understand what it’s like to be part of the FM team, you need to understand our core values. These are the non-negotiables:

Personal Integrity

This is more than simply being honest. It’s doing the right thing, even when the right thing is to tell a client something they don’t want to hear. But that’s what we believe integrity is — to work, always, in our clients’ best interests.

Problem Solvers

This is why clients hire FitzMartin, to solve the most complex, most knotted problems that inhibit their growth. The people who work here are the ones who get excited by the hard challenges.


The solutions we create for our clients often come from unexpected places. We’re able to create unique ideas because we are, by nature, curious people. We love people who are interested in everything.

Work/Life Balance

We love our work. We work hard. But we’re not obsessed to the point where work becomes life. People who live a life in balance are ultimately better at both.


This goes beyond hiring people who can write or design. Talent shows in how we manage projects or communicate with our clients or manage our clients’ budgets. Yes, we value people who are good at what they do and always working to be better at it.

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