For years, we’ve helped companies reorganize their marketing departments (or organize it at the initial startup) to increase the effectiveness of their marketing investment. Our approach begins with a foundation of data, not whim or traditional org-chart thinking.

As the name implies, organizational design means reorganizing the marketing department to improve the way it operates. We implement a functional, not theoretical, model that integrates leadership, and its strategy and positioning roles, all the way through to sales. This kind of comprehensive reorganization may involve an independent review of a company’s overall business model, 1-2-1 interviews of the current team, and evaluating top and underperforming team members.

Using 3rd-party data, we consult on compensation, including salary structures that efficiently incentivize workers and attract the best employees.

Our organizational design services include evaluating our client’s project-level intake process, physical distribution of problems to internal and external teams, and technical infrastructure. Heavily loaded on the front-end, this service also includes a trailing and quarterly consulting model that follows.

Change is difficult, but we know the models and tools to help launch and maintain the kind of change that not only increases your efficiency, but shifts your marketing into a revenue-generating function.

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Revenue Operations is a powerful concept that unites sales and marketing around a common goal — all to drive revenue. Let’s talk about how we can help break down the silos that inhibit both sales and marketing from functioning at peak efficiency.

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