Case StudyOHD eCommerce Implementation

One solution saved OHD $585,000 in LTV

The Challenge

OSHA regulations dictate that first-responders and others who have to wear oxygen systems in the line of duty have their masks tested regularly for fit. After all, for a firefighter in a burning building, an ill-fitting mask can be fatal. 

OHD’s flagship product, Quantifit, is designed to test the fit of these kinds of masks. Occasionally, their product must be recalibrated.

OHD was manually handling every calibration over the phone, writing credit card information down by hand, then filling out orders internally. Researched showed their Sales & Service team was spending as much as 35 hours a week on phone calls that could produce, at best, 15% of their top-performing product. 

They needed a way to simplify this process to reduce man hours, and better serve customers on a recurring basis.


Occupational Health

Conversion Points

Exchange to Advocacy


We designed and implemented an e-commerce platform to automate this process. 

The design had to accommodate 75+ pricing variants, complete fulfillment records and include a dynamic transaction history. For pipeline acceleration, it also had to include e-commerce and marketing automation integration, as well as new customer, cart abandonment and re-engagement workflows.

The critical step was ensuring that OHD’s internal processes and the technology worked in sync, and where there was conflict to help redesign their processes.

Processes Used

Social Liberation, Helping Relationships, Environmental Control, Commitment, Reward


OHD processed $94,086 in sales automatically in the first five months. More importantly, we were able to save OHD


LTV by automating their processes.