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This campaign’s success exceeded even our expectations (more on the results in a moment). Still on-going, this Two-Minute Drive (TMD) video series highlights strengths that both SPOC and us at FitzMartin bring to the table. And because there are a lot of moving parts to this campaign, we’ll break it down in categories and address how it works for current customers, as well as prospects at various points along the Customer Decision Journey. 

SPOC also saw a 10% increase in email open rates across the entire database—the highest open rates the agency has ever seen. The TMD education initiative has also been featured in industry media, garnering SPOC even more great press. 

Following the TMD launch, SPOC experienced a 69.5% increase in usage of video, a 151% increase in videos created, a 968% increase in total video views, and a 208% increase in the average attention span.

Those are awesome marketing numbers, to be sure. But what did this campaign do for sales? In a single instance, one video tutorial helped customers easily perform their own repair, and get their system back up and running in minutes, saving SPOC $140,000 in avoided field service visits.

All said and not quit done, this campaign was an all-around success multiplied by some factor we’ve not yet determined.


How do you maintain contact with current and potential customers during a pandemic? Combine shoot-it-yourself video technology with the latest in marketing technology and staff expertise to create a highly personal FAQ library. 


In the first 30 days of the campaign, SPOC saw an increase of 63% for social media interactions and 82% in click-throughs. There was a 59% increase in social shares, and overall impressions were up 58%. 



Rod Pump Integration

Think back to early spring 2020. A pandemic had just been declared and many people were staying home, whether or not there were government mandates dictating they do so. Even worse, SPOC’s customer base in the oil and gas market was already suffering from an exceptionally difficult downturn in the market. The pandemic just exacerbated an already bad situation.  

As a result, SPOC personnel were unable to meet with current and potential customers, AND the latter two groups were not able to get out and about themselves. So, we at FitzMartin developed this campaign as a means of outreach during a difficult time, both on a professional, as well as personal, level. 


 #1 result in paid and organic searches for keywords like variable frequency drives and VFDs.

On the latter point, reaching out to others is at the core of SPOC culture—not selling their product, not innovating, not growing their business. Yes, those things are all important, but central to what SPOC is, is best expressed by their Lift Up program, in which each person at the company endeavors to Lift Up themselves, each other, the company, their customers, and their country. 

In so many ways, the Lift Up program (see more below at “Lift Up Video: Culture Codified”) was made for a moment like this, and the TMD campaign is one of many expressions of SPOC’s caring culture. Sure, the TMD videos were designed to offer well-informed, detailed information about SPOC products, but they were also created as something of a virtual helping hand. And we’ve heard from many viewers of the TMD videos that it was a real pleasure to see and hear from their contacts at SPOC through this initiative. 

Lift Up orange-circle R

Sharing Expertise …    for Free 

It’s sort of a chicken-or-the-egg question as to which came first: the origins of SPOC’s Lift Up philosophy or the company’s customer-first approach. Both are opposite sides of the same coin and they each showed through in these TMD videos. 

For sure, many companies would charge for the type of info included in this campaign. Not SPOC. And not only is the company at its core willing to share, but the individual SPOC staffers are always willing to step out of their normal role to do so—in this case, writing drafts for and playing starring roles in their own videos. 

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We at FitzMartin conceived of this campaign understanding how technology could help make the most of a difficult situation. First, anyone in possession of a computer or phone with a camera can shoot a video—you can do that at home just like you can in the office. (Although you may have to trade loud coworkers for laughing children and barking dogs, and shoot in a closet instead of your office.) 


We at FitzMartin also knew that this campaign would have to be more than just shooting and posting videos. For it to be a success, we knew we had to deliver it to the right audience. So, we turned to Vidyard to house the video library and to capture critical video-based analytics from the campaign. We chose HubSpot to manage all associated email marketing. 


Not only did we coach each person doing a video on how to frame and light the shot, our FitzMartin media experts also helped edit the scripts. As we all know, it can be a difficult task to edit a topic down to two minutes, yet we understood that less is almost always more. As we discovered, such length for a video in this category is the sweet spot. (Viewership didn’t just go through the roof, it went into the stratosphere. We’re talking an almost 1000% increase in total video views!) 


While the TMD video campaign was created during a pandemic lockdown, it has a shelf-life that extends well beyond. Yes, its original goal was to maintain contact with current and potential customers. Yet, the information contained in each video was designed to help anyone in our targeted audience with everyday questions. To that end, these videos are still being produced, racking up views, and fueling a whole new initiative.


The continued success of this campaign inspired both SPOC and FitzMartin to further leverage the TMD videos. To be sure, each video includes high-value, super-dope expertise. 

Recognizing, therefore, the gold mine we had before us, we developed a full-service online library of FAQs using HubSpot’s Service Hub and Knowledge Base. The articles contained therein were then (and still are) added into the HubSpot ChatFlow, which allows a chatbot to easily field questions by funneling FAQ information to customers automatically. (For more about the FAQ Library and LiveChat, see below.) 

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