Case StudyOHD Demand Generation

Monthly submissions jumped from 19 to 80+

The Challenge

OHD is an international manufacturer and distributor of respiratory protection equipment. Specifically, they manufacture equipment that tests the fit of the masks that first-responders wear. They came to us with a common challenge: they were seeing traffic through their website, but converting few visitors into qualified leads.

The Challenge


Occupational Health

Conversion Point

Unaware to Contemplating
Contemplating to Preparation
Preparation to Action


Often, what appears to be a simple problem is, in fact, a complex undertaking. Converting web traffic into leads is rarely accomplished with one tactic. In this case, our solution was a layered strategy of technology, content, user experience research and design, and targeted offers. 

We created a number of relevant content elements, while also increasing the number of opportunities for visitors to convert throughout the site. By offering more relevant content and opportunities to convert throughout the site, we were able to increase both submissions and lead quality.


Processes Used

Consciousness Raising


In the last month before our communication strategy launched, OHD’s web forms received 699 views and had 19 submissions. These submissions were later-stage leads, contacts that wanted to know more about buying their products. One of our primary goals was to increase the numbers of our early-stage leads, prospects who are interested but not ready to buy. 

Three months after the launch,

OHD’s webform views jumped from 3,652, to 8,100. Their monthly lead submissions went from 19 to 80-plus.