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Nature hints and hints. And finally we take the hint.

The Challenge

Expand awareness among specifiers of this relatively small, high-end commercial carpet brand. Invison’s products–while beautiful– suffered from limited distribution. Our challenge was simple:increase awareness, equip the reps with more sophisticated sales tools and get more specifications.

This particular product line, Second Nature, featured synthetic carpet that mimicked far more expensive wool and silk products.

The Challenge


Manufacturing: Commercial Carpet

Conversion Point

Unaware to Contemplating
Contemplating to Preparation

The Solution


Paid advertising does help increase awareness for Invision’s brand,but publicity is viewed as more credible. We nurture our relationships with both the media reps and the editors of the industry publications where Invision advertise, and we encourage our client to do so. As a result, since 1998 Invision has received publicity worth more than $494,093.28 non-paid.


Innovative sampling techniques for new product releases break the boredom of sample books most mills send out to firms.

Trade Shows

As with many other firms in the industry, Invision uses tradeshows to introduce new products and to interact
with specifiers

Media Planning

Outspending larger competitors on mass advertising was impossible for Invision, so we focused a small budget on very targeted publications designed to reach interior designers and architects.

“Product roll out is huge for us . . . this project was a tremendous success!”

Processes Used

Consciousness Raising

Processes Used


Awareness of the brand, as measured by surveys conducted by Floor Focus Magazine, increased considerably.

Invision went from being unranked to a top-10 listing among all manufacturers.

Distribution increased dramatically and sales doubled in two years.

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