Case StudyBBVA Compass Nook Campaign

When advertising no longer works

The Challenge

The Relationship Managers at BBVA Compass, like most sales professionals, kept a running list of high-value prospects that the bank is ideally suited to serve, yet for any number of reasons had resisted all sales efforts. The RMs had been pursuing the companies, oftentimes for years, so awareness was not the problem. Traditional advertising had lost any effectiveness with this group, so the later-stage challenge required different thinking.



Financial Services

Conversion Point

Contemplating to Preparation
Preparation to Action


The campaign comprised several elements, sent to 1,500 warm prospects. The first and most prominent piece was a box with messaging on the mailing label promising banking services that “make your business better.”

Inside, a presentation box sold BBVA Compass’ expertise, and their willingness to create a relationship that profited the prospect. Inside the presentation box was a Nook e-reader. Copy in the packaging sold BBVA Compass’ primary value proposition. We tailored the Nook with a custom opening screen, featuring the bank’s logo and a short message.

FitzMartin also created a follow-up package that the RM could leave with the prospect once they had completed a face-to-face meeting. That package included a Barnes & Noble gift card sufficient to buy one e-book.

Did it work? As one Relationship Manager put it:

“My last visit with Len revealed his pleasure at being a top prospect of the bank. The items we mailed to him are appreciated and he has begun moving the majority of his personal banking relationship to us.” – Russell Graydon/Decatur

Nook cover

Processes Used

Emotional Arousal
Rational Re-Evaluation


RM participation: 100%

Loans:$100 million

Deposits: $26 million

Treasury Management: $181,000

Insurance: $10,000

Mortgage: $18,000

Grand total, all relationships: approx

$127 million