What Is a Marketing Partner?

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To some companies, marketing agencies are seen as vendors - someone who is just a quote, someone to negotiate with or someone who costs them money. For years, however, agencies have been working to align themselves more as marketing partners. A partner, meaning someone who is strategically aligned and works together with clients to increase sales and revenue.

In an article written by Second Wind, a leader in agency training and expertise, they divulge three things that contribute to a marketing partner. A marketing partner is:

Involved in the strategic marketing process. This is often the first step. An agency needs to either help write the plan or be allowed to read the plan and be actively involved in it to be partners with the client. This will help with campaign positioning, new ideas and greater success.

Deep in the client's sales process. Many clients or start ups lack a definitive sales process and are missing certain aspects of it to help their prospects move through the sales process. We can help! We've recently found that a lot of clients are searching for guidance and leadership in digital and inbound marketing, which is an effective way to generate leads and further prospects along in the sales process.

Organic. For years, agencies have been responsible for presenting unique brand strategies to clients. This service continues and is essential in a marketing partner. After all, most clients are looking to agencies for creative ideas and integrated marketing campaigns.

If an agency is just an expense in your mind, re-think the reason you turned to them in the first place and see if they can become more of a marketing partner for your business.

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