3 Reasons MAT is So Powerful

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Marketing Automation Technology (MAT) isn’t just a trendy catchphrase. Rather, it’s a powerful tool that connects critical data to real business goals for easier lead development. It’s what helps marketers work more efficiently, run more successful marketing campaigns, convert more leads and drive revenue growth. And it’s used for sending emails, posting to social media,  collecting relevant data and so much more.

According to Hubspot, almost 70% of marketing executives currently use marketing automation technology. Yet, not all MAT is the same. There are more than 8,000 unique sales- and marketing-focused tech products in the Marketing Technology Landscape, and that’s after more than 600 products disappeared through acquisition and attrition in 2019. Further adding to the fact that there is no one-size-fits-all MAT solution is that every business is unique.

If your business is not already using marketing automation technology to boost your marketing efforts, here are three reasons why you should:

Everything Gets Connected

The seamless transfer of data and critical information between marketing and sales departments is imperative to achieving big, audacious sales goals, and it’s all possible with marketing automation technology. Streamlining information between departments simplifies many tasks while also reducing the risk of human error.

Efficiency is Maximized

Marketing automation technology aligns marketing to your company’s business goals. So that means whether you’re running campaigns, tracking results, or following up on and nurturing leads, it’s all easier, more efficient and faster. Upwards of 70% of companies, according to Hubspot, claim that the biggest benefit they get from marketing automation technology is better-targeted customer communication.

Revenue is Increased

Having a system that attracts and converts leads into real sales opportunities allows your team to focus their time on qualified prospects and closing deals. This translates into a boosted bottom line and a significant return on investment.


Implementing marketing automation technology offers multiple benefits to most any business, and that most certainly includes yours. Ready to learn more about a real-life application of marketing automation technology? Click here to learn how an occupational health company increased its sales and saved money by  automating its processes and implementing an e-commerce platform.

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