Understand where a prospect is in the sales cycle to increase your close rate.

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Answering the question, “what stage are your prospects in?” will radically change how you sell and market.

One of our long-term partners is a top 30 accounting firm in the U.S. We worked with the CMO, Todd Decker, and were able to shift his marketing strategy. Todd comes from a corporate background, Hershey and Bank of America to name a few. He understands the importance of marketing and that the money they invest must generate leads that ultimately convert into customers.

We interviewed Todd to talk about his experience with one of our planning retreats.

In the video, he discusses his biggest takeaways: having a process to more effectively evaluate the status of their leads. Many of our clients have had leads in their database for years and have no clue who they are, why they are there or if they want to buy what you sell. In Todd’s case, we were helping with a lead generation campaign. They were going to advertise to potential buyers and they needed a framework to inform their decisions.

Just because a lead submits their information on their website, they may not be ready to talk to sales. The prospect may not even be the right person you need to speak with.

We helped Todd and his team development a framework using the Customer Decision Journey that flipped how his marketing team operates.

If you’d like to participate in the same discovery process, download our whitepaper on applying the Consumer Decision Journey to your organization.

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