How Taking Your Prospect Off-Site Can Work in Your Favor

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A common workplace frustration that almost anyone can attest to is that the office can be a stressful environment. Whether it’s the constant interruption of co-workers, loud phone calls making it impossible for you to concentrate on your task at hand or simply the feeling of too many people watching your every move, sometimes being in the office is actually counterproductive.

The same can hold true with your prospects. It’s easy to forget when meeting with your prospective buyer at their office that their workplace can cause stress for them as well. If your prospect suddenly seems overwhelmed, unsure or just doesn’t seem to be responding as well when in the office, meeting instead at an off-site location can be an effective way to equip them in the buyer’s journey.

Changing the scenery and meeting at an off-site location can encourage your buyer to take their guard down and help them clear their mind by removing the stress of their workplace. A more relaxed environment can also inspire buyers to think more creatively. After all, there’s a reason why many workers, especially those in creative fields, when feeling overwhelmed in the office, grab their laptops and head out to a local coffee shop or nature park to work instead. The calmer, out-of-office atmosphere can provide the space that’s needed to be more productive (not to mention more comfortable and relaxed while working).

An off-site location can also help buyers feel that they are at a neutral site. When the buyer feels that no one has the upper hand, it can mitigate the stereotypical adversarial relationship between buyer and seller. In fact, if the buyer feels that everyone is on the same level, it can actually strengthen your relationship with your prospect and show that you’re not just another vendor, establishing you as the trustworthy guide who can help navigate them through the process of solving their unique need or problem.


So, the next time your prospect simply seems overwhelmed or stressed in the buyer’s journey, keep in mind that it can be hard for them to think as clearly when in a difficult environment. Take the opportunity to suggest an off-site meeting. Meeting the prospect off-site will not only help them think outside the box and benefit their overall mental state but also strengthen the buyer-seller relationship and encourage a positive and mutually beneficial connection for years to come.



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