Good Company Culture Will Improve Your Sales Force

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 We live in a world where work culture has rapidly transformed. Not too long ago, people were less likely to put as much emphasis on how they talked about the companies they work for. Now, onboarding processes are a very important and essential topics of discussion, and are majorly different than processes years ago.

In a recent podcast, Luke Allen, CEO of OHD, discusses how he has seen significant return on investment through talent retainment and culture strategies that have been strategically implemented at OHD. In order to compete with companies in today’s world, you must have culture strategies in place. This helps to attract top talent to your company, develop and onboard that talent, and retain the top talent you’ve brought in. This can be complex in today’s age -- in the era of millennials, because millennials tend to change jobs so quickly.

The main question now is how do leaders change that and keep said talent within their company?

Every company has an A-performer and those A-performers typically drive average B-performers to leave the company or to hopefully develop over time into an A-performer, if you bring the right people in. C-performers are those that you should probably drive out, especially with smaller companies or agencies. Normally the company culture takes care of this. There isn’t much room for C-performers. Within the hiring process, it’s important to include those A-performers because they aren’t going to bring in C’s.

Overall, company culture is either going to filter out employees who don’t drive your company to success or help to retain that success. 

To listen to the full podcast on how Good Company Culture Will Improve Your Sales Force click here.

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