3 Ways to Make a Prospect Feel Safe About Buying

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Let’s take a common sales scenario: A salesperson is making their best pitch, eloquently communicating how their product or service is the ideal choice for a prospective customer. But, for reasons unknown to the salesperson, all of a sudden the buyer goes dark. So, what happened? In the salesperson's effort to close the deal quickly and rake in the commission, the buyer didn’t feel safe to make a purchase.

A buyer doesn’t always know exactly what they need or even want, but they do know this: They need to feel safe in the decision they are making. That means feeling like the company they are purchasing from (and the salesperson they are talking to) cares about their particular needs, not just about making a sale. So, if you’re going to ask your buyers to change their current way of operating, you’re going to need to convince these prospective buyers that they can feel safe that the change you are suggesting will be well worth the effort. But how can you make your prospect feel secure in the sale? Here are the three most effective ways to build trust with your prospect and ensure they feel safe about buying.

Compare and Contrast

It may seem counterintuitive, but as a salesperson, your focus should not solely be on the sale. Rather, the goal should be in assisting your prospective buyer in finding a solution that best suits their unique needs. A great way to do so is by helping them visualize the future state you are proposing as compared to the current state they are in. Communicate metrics of success early and often while referencing the past state to give context to your proposed end goal. By communicating these details clearly from a position of trying to help, it illustrates that the difference between the current and future state is your proposed value.

Leverage Testimonials

Testimonials can go a long way in helping you gain the trust of your prospective buyer. After all, there’s perhaps no better safety guarantee for a prospect than hearing the stories of other buyers who  were once scared of change and unsure but then found security and happiness with the product or service you’re offering. Showcase your expertise in solving the prospect’s proposed problem through quality testimonials that show the results you provided for the countless other companies that put their trust in you.

However, not all testimonials are created equal. Your buyers need to be able to see themselves, see their situation in whatever testimonial you're providing if you want it to have the most impact. In contrast, when buyers purchase from Amazon, the reviews and testimonials don't need to be too specific because often there are so many, and the quantity of positive reviews provides safety. But, when you're providing your buyer with one, two or three testimonials, it becomes crucial for your story to relate profoundly to your buyer if you are to stand any chance of providing them safety in their purchase. 

Take It Slow

You may fully recognize that your product or service is the right fit for your prospect, but you have to give them time to recognize it, too. Don’t jump to closing too soon. Recognize that your prospect is moving at their own pace, and you must let them go at whatever speed they need to through the sales journey. Doing so not only makes them feel safe, but also it illustrates that you’re truly keeping their best interest at heart.


In conclusion, making your prospect feel safe enough to make a change requires much more than offering a great product or service. It means helping them visualize the better future state you are proposing, providing testimonials to illustrate how you have helped countless others and slowing down the sales process to the speed preferred by the prospect. When these three methods are put into practice, you can more easily make the prospect feel safe and be on the right track to landing your newest customer.

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