3 Signs It’s Time for a UX Audit

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With the rise of digital platforms, an effective and practical website or mobile app is essential for many functions. You need them to support your sales efforts, attract a qualified audience and move them systematically through their decision journey. Even more, you want your website or mobile app to convert your prospects into qualified leads so that your sales force can close more deals. But eventually, every digital product faces challenges—challenges that could diminish conversion rates and hinder your sales efforts.

These issues impacting your bottom line can show up in various ways. According to HubSpot, 88% of customers are less likely to come back to a site with poor user experience. As their study reveals, that doesn’t apply solely to the desktop versions of a site either: 85% of those surveyed believe the mobile site should work just as well as the desktop version.

If your company is experiencing unexplained performance problems—or perhaps you proactively want to ensure your company doesn’t even deal with these problems in the future—a user experience (UX) audit may need to be performed. Here are three signs it’s time for a UX audit:

#1: Your site traffic is a mystery.

Understanding your target audience’s challenges and needs is critical in order to successfully sell to them. When you know where your traffic comes from, you can tailor your message to meet prospects where they are with a message that resonates with them. A UX audit can also identify where to spend valuable resources to drive more qualified traffic.

#2: You lack visibility into user patterns and behavior.

Your website or mobile app should work for you, not against you. Through a UX audit, you can decipher traffic patterns to highlight areas of your site or mobile app that are getting overlooked. This informs your team about changes that are necessary in order to reach higher conversion rates. When user behavior is analyzed often, it also allows you to adjust the message and layout as necessary to improve the user experience.

#3: You’re not getting quality leads.

Your website or mobile app should support your sales efforts by attracting a qualified audience and moving them systematically through their decision journey. If you're not getting qualified leads from your site, there are things you can—and must—do to improve it. 


Perhaps in trying to perfect the user experience for your customers, you’ve attempted to analyze the metrics or maybe you’ve  even redesigned your website. But a beautiful website just isn’t enough. You need a strategic plan based on user data to turn your site into a lead-generating machine. So, if you lack visibility into site traffic, user patterns and visitor behaviors, a UX audit is a great place to start. A UX audit is a cost-effective way to get the insight needed to make more informed decisions and maximize your sales efforts. Understanding what’s happening when people visit your site can inform where to spend your valuable time and resources so your site  aligns strategically with your ambitious sales goals.

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